Saturday, August 30, 2008

Blake, Blu and a new tooth!!

Last weekend Ryan, Blake and I went to house sit while some of our friends went out of town. They have a Great Dane and we stayed at their house from Thursday to Tuesday. We had a lot of fun and Blake loved Blu. When we first got there I was worried about Blake and how he would be around Blu but Blake loved him. This is the sweetest and most gentle dog. When Blake would be laying on the ground, Blu would walk over, sniff Blakes head and lay down next to him to go to sleep. Never once did Blu lick or even touch Blake. I was so impressed. When Blu would come close to Blake, Blake would start laughing and try to grab his nose. He never took his eye off Blu and would watch him all day. Considering the size of Blu I was very impressed at how well behaved he was around a baby!

On August 22, Blake got his first tooth. He has been teething for a long time and I am so happy he has some relief. He has now started on his next tooth thought so the relief didn't last for long. I havn't been able to get pictures of the tooth yet but as soon as I can I will put them up. For a little treat for Blake and his tooth we decided to give Blake an otter pop to suck on. He loved it and ate a whole one all by himself. We cut a little hole in the corner and he just sucked on it until it melted and he could eat it. It was so cute.

Blake is also loving his food. He loves the pears, peaches and pretty much any fruit we can give him. He likes the veggies that are orange like sweet potatoes and carrots but is not very fond of the green veggies like green beans and peas.
And last but not least Blake has been sleeping so much better at night giving me about 8 hours of sleep myself which is amazing. He still sleeps with his feet in the fetal position which makes me keep thinking that he is still my little baby. Truth is though, he is growing so fast and is starting to get up on his hands and knees to crawl. He will be 7 months next week and I don't know where the time has gone. All I know is that I love being a mom and I love my husband for supporting me in everything I do. Thank for reading. More updates and pictures to come.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Blake's Shoes

So I have to confess that I love baby shoes. Every time I walk into a store I have to look at them and Ryan has to pull me away from them. Luckily for my baby shower I recieved a lot of shoes for Blake which was so fun for me. I decided to take a picture of all of the shoes that he has. I had to take some close-ups so you could see them better. Oh and if you are wondering why he has a pair of ballet shoes it is because when I first got pregnant, my mom went and got a boys outfit with shoes and a girls outfit with shoes. Those are the pink ballet shoes that she got so technically they are still his shoes. Don't worry though. As you can see they are still on the package and have never been used. So here are the close-ups.

So in conclusion, Blake has more shoes than Ryan and I combined. What can you say? They are so much cuter when they are smaller. It's the same thing with clothes. Don't you ever see an outfit for a baby and wish they made it in your size? They are so cute. Anyway Blake definately is not going to be without shoes EVER!!!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Diver Forever!!

When I was 11 years old I started my diving career. I took lessons from the city, then moved onto the club team, then went to dive four years for my high school which I made the state team three of the four years. After high school I went to UNLV and dove on the college team for 3 years which is when I had an accident and tore my shoulder so bad on a dive that I had to have major shoulder surgery and end my diving careeer. It was the hardest time in my life because diving pretty much was my life and I didn't know how I was going to live without it. The first two pictures are of me at a meet in California and the picure is of my first dive since I had had my shoulder surgery.

So diving is still my life and I love to coach and watch anything to do with diving. I coach a club diving team that we take to meets and different events and it is really fun. Most of the divers on the team dive for high school and they are very good. We have been trying to do fundraisers with them to earn some money that we could use to buy new suits, warm-ups, bags and shirts. Today we held a divathon at UNLV for the kids.

The kids had to ask for donation or have someone set a amount they would pay for each dive. Example is 25 cents per dive and if the did 200 dives in the one hour they would earn 50 dollars. Anyway, we did this last year also and we raised a lot of money which was awesome for the kids. This year went pretty well also. The kids were wore out after 10 minutes of diving which was funny for Julie and I to watch. Julie is the other coach for the team. She is the one that started this club and she works really hard to keep it going.

So the divathon went really well and I thought I would post a picture of the team that we coach. This is only about half of our divers. We have about 15 total. I enjoy coaching this team so much. They are good kids and I want them to have a good experience like I had when I was their age.

These next pictures are of Blake and Karson. Karson is Julies little baby that is almost exactly one month younger than Blake. Even with the age difference they are the same size. They are really cute together.

If anyone's kids want to get into diving let me know. It is so much fun to coach these kids and see what they do in the future.

Oh!! the last thing that I wanted to say totally off the subject of diving is that I didn't think it was possible for a baby to have bedhead but Blake proves me wrong every morning. For your viewing pleasure, this is Blake this morning with bedhead. The picture doesn't do his hair justice though. If you click on the picture you can see it much better.

Happiest Birthday Ever!!

Okay so I know that this is kind of late but I wanted to thank my husband for everything he did for me on my birthday. I had a great day with Ryan and Blake. In the morning, Ryan woke me up with breakfast which was awesome. He bought a banner and balloons that hung over our table. It was so fun to wake up to that. I felt like a little kid again. After breakfast I had to leave to go coach diving for a few hours. When I got home Ryan gave me my present and it was exactly what I asked for. A hair straightener. YAY. After that Blake went down for a nap. YAY NAP!! When he went down, Ryan and I laid on the couch and watched the Olympics and I fell asleep. The sun here takes everything out of me. Oh and Blake might help with wearing me out. Anyway, I woke up and Ryan made us a little picnic for lunch that we had in our front room because it was way to hot outside.

After the picnic I started to get ready for the night. We had planned to go over to one of our friends house for dinner and Ryan and his friend would make dinner for me. So on the way over to his house Ryan without telling me decided to take a little detour. I was so confused but he took me to someone's house I didn't know. He knocked on the door and a little Chinese women answered and told me to come in. UM WHAT! I looked at Ryan like he was crazy. Ryan looked back at me and said he would be back in a hour. OK REALLY FREAKED OUT NOW! SO the little lady told me to follow her and went up stairs. Ok. I followed her and she took me into a room with a couple of tables. The lady looked at me and in very broken English said "Take your clothes off and lay down." WHAT!!. I love my husband. He arranged for me to get a massage. Exactly what I have been needing. The next hour of my life was so wonderfully Painful. That little lady was brutal. She was popping things in my body I didn't know could be popped. Some things hurt so bad but when she was done I felt like jello. It was amazing. That was the quickest hour of my life. It was wonderful.
So when I was done with the massage Ryan came and picked me up and really took me over to our friends house. The were finishing up dinner and so I read my book ( the twighlight series) Holy cow. such a good book. I am hooked on it. For dinner Ryan made chicken, twice baked potatoes, corn, salad, shirley temples and a cake for dessert. It was sooooo good. After dinner we hung out for a while and then went home. We watched the Olympics until midnight and then went to bed. It was a wonderful day. Ryan didn't let me change one diaper all day and if Blake ever got fussy Ryan would take him from me unless I had to feed him. I love my husband so much and he is so amazing. He is the sweetest man and treats me like a princess. He is such a good father and I love watching him with Blake. Thank you all again for the birthday wishes. I love you all.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Heather!!!

So this is Ryan and I've never done this before. I didn't even know how to sign on to the blog and it took me a minute to figure out how to make a post. But, I feel the need to post something about my wifey poo.

It's her birthday today and I wanted to show her how much I love her. I know that I'm not always the best at showing her on special occasions like birthdays, mother's day, christmas, etc. So, I'm really trying to go all out today. I hope that I can make this a special day for her.

She really is an excellent wife. She takes very good care of me and is always striving to improve. She really pushes herself to be the best that she can be. This is also true of her mothering skills. I just love watching her with Blake. She has that motherly instinct and always knows what is best for him. Sometimes she asks me what we should do with him and I just look at her and tell her that she knows best, because she really does. I would be so lost in life without her not just in raising Blake, but with everything that I do.

I have a hard time making decisions sometimes especially the big ones. I stress over them for a long time and sometimes let it consume all of my thoughts. She is so patient with me and she always knows the right answer from the very beginning. She thinks about it, prays, and then just knows what to do. By the time I figure it out she's already known for days and has moved on to something else. It's good to have someone like that around.

She is the love of my life and hope that she knows that. Not just because I'm trying so hard today, but I hope that she feels it every day of her life. She deserves to be treated that way because that is how she treats me. I love her so much!!


Sunday, August 3, 2008

6 Months Old!!!

Our little boy is six months old today. It is amazing how time flies and how quick they grow up. I love Blake so much and can't believe how big he is getting. I remember back six months and remember thinking that my life was never going to be the same. I was completely right. My life has completely turned upside down. I LOVE IT!! Blake is such a blessing in mine and Ryan's lives. He has brought us so much joy and happiness. He is growing and learning so much everyday. Blake has this new sleeping position that he always is in when he sleeps. He brings his knees up under his stomach and sticks his butt way up into the air. It is so funny to see and I love just watching him sleep. He is loving eating his new food and drinking from his little sippy cup. Blake is also teething and I feel so bad for him when he hurts and I can't wait for his first little tooth to show. It's amazing how life changes when you have a little baby. I never thought that I would be so happy only getting a few hours of sleep a night and having to wake up at the smallest little noise made. That is true LOVE and happiness. I love my little family so much and can't wait for the next little thing that Blake learns to do.

I wanted to take a sec to say happy birthday to my little brother Matthew. He is such an awesome kid and I can't believe that he is 16. AAAAHHHHH CRAZY!!! Watch out girls, here comes Matthew. It's more like watch out Matthew, here comes the girls. HE HE. Anyway, I love you and hope you have a great birthday.