Monday, October 25, 2010

Road Trip to Utah!!!

About a month ago my sister in law had her beautiful baby girl Lucy!! (Congrats Michael and Sarah). I was so sad that I wasn't there to see her and I was complaining to my friend Joci that I wanted to see her so bad. As brilliant as she is Joci said to me "We should take a road trip and go see her" Awesome idea!!! We decided to pack us up with the three boys and no husbands and take a road trip to Logan Utah. Ryan said we were crazy wanting to take a 10 hour car ride with three boys all 2 or under but I knew we could do it....

The boys did so much better than I ever thought. The t.v. in the car was a huge help and the boys watch movies and George the whole way there. Even Carter did well not being able to see the t.v.

All packed up and ready to go...

Grandpa and Carter snuggling on the couch....

Blake on his beloved bike....

Beautiful precious Lucy Sue Orme.... Only two weeks old!!

Carter in his cute jammies that grandma got for him!!

The boys in their matching jammies....

All three boys... They look like they could all be brothers.. Note to self: It is hard to do a picture shoot with three crazy boys!!

Grandma with her grandsons!!

Grandma with the newest edition!! Couldn't be happier. Little Lucy makes Carter look so big!!

Trying to get a feet shot.... Also very hard!!

Beautiful Lucy Sue!!

Thanks Joci and Levi for coming with me on the crazy trip!!
Thanks Sarah for letting me hold Lucy every chance I got!!
Thanks Mom and Dad for letting us come stay with you for a week and making the house a little louder than you are used to these days!!!

Love you guys!!

Mancer Awareness!!

So this post was a request from Ryan.... September was Mancer month at Ryan's school. The guys in his class had a contest growing beards for prostate cancer awareness and he decided to participate.....

I don't have enough words to even say anything more about this post so just enjoy the pictures.... Let's just say he won't be growing a beard again anytime soon.