Friday, November 21, 2008

Things About Me!!

I saw this on my sister-in-law's blog and thought it looked like fun. This is what you do. Go to google and type in the subject of the question in the image section, choose you favorite picture. It can be random or not just don't explain yourself afterward.

1.Where I was born 2.Where I want to live (at least for the next 4 years)

3.My first real job

4.Where I live now

5.A bad habit of mine

6.Favorite Food

7.My maiden name (The Great Orme)

8.My Grandmother's names

9.My college experience

10.My nickname from my husband

11.Something that makes me happy these days

12.My age

13.My name

14.Hubby's name

15.Kids name

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

This is so funny!!

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Getting Ready For Thanksgiving!!

Today Blake and I went to our Mommy and Baby playgroup and made some turkey hats for Thanksgiving. We had so much fun playing with the other Mom's and baby's. Here are some pictures of Blake with his little turkey hat he made for Thankgiving.

He Did It!!

I just have to say how much I love my husband and appreciate everything he does for our little family. I am so proud of him. Yesterday afternoon we got the call that we have been waiting for. Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine in Parker Colorado called and officially accepted Ryan into their Medical School. We are so excited. It is hard to plan your future when you arn't sure what is going to happen but we have a pretty good idea now. Ryan has been working and studying so hard and he definately deserves this. Ryan will be such an amazing doctor because I know how much he loves and cares for every person he meets. He makes me such a better person by just being around him and I know that he will make a huge impact in this world.

It will be hard and I'm sure difficult to move away from Vegas to a place where we know no one and where we have never been before but I believe this change will be good for us. We will continue to build our family and do the best we can in Parker. I am sure there are friends and people that we will meet that will be a big part of our new lives and we will never forget the people here that have been in our lives. I am excited for this new chapter in our lives and for what new challenges it will bring. Thank you to everyone who has been keeping us in their thoughts and prayers because they have definately paid off. We love you all and will always love Vegas because this is where we met,got married, and had our beautiful baby boy. We will be moving from Vegas on December 17th. I would love to get together with anyone before we leave. Again CONGRATS TO RYAN. YOU ARE SO AMAZING!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Of all the toys........

Of all of Blakes toys.......

This is his favorite!!!

Why do we even buy toys?

Thursday, November 13, 2008


This past week has been kinda slow going for us. On Monday Ryan left at 4:30 in the morning after not sleeping at all that night to go to Parker, CO for a interview for medical school. He said everything went well and we will find out on Monday if he has benn accepted. I am so proud of him for all that he has been doing to get to this point. He works so hard and is going to be a great doctor. He returned home that same night at 11 p.m. It was definately a long day for him.

The next few days we just kind of relaxed at home. On Tuesday night the temperature had finally come down a little bit so we decided to take Blake to the park and lay on the grass so he could play around. We had a lot of fun there but only stayed for about a half hour because it got dark very fast and I am not so fond of going to parks at night anymore after being mugged a year and a half ago but that is another story. Blake loves to crawl around and try to eat the grass before Ryan and I can get to him and take it away. This week I have started to de-junk our apartment so I can start to pack for our move. We are getting pretty excited for the next few months even though they are going to be action packed. In two weeks we are flying to Logan for Thanksgiving with my family. Then two weeks after that on December 16th Ryan will graduate from UNLV. The day after he graduates we are going to have our moving truck ready to go and my parents are so wonderful that they are going to drive that trailer back to Logan for Ryan and I. That same day we will be leaving to drive up to Hawthorne to spend some time and Christmas with Ryan's family. We will be in Hawthorne for a couple of weeks and then drive to Logan for New Years. We are going to be in Logan for about 8 months and then we will be off to Med school in August.
We are excited for the changes that are coming up in the next few years and I know that they are going to make us grow closer as a family and a couple. This is a very exciting time in our lives and I welcome the challenges and know that they will only make us stronger. I will continue to update everyone what is going on but for now we will just try to do our best

Friday, November 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad!!

Today is my dad's birthday and I wanted to tell him how much I love him and appreciate him. He is such an example to me and I look up to him so much. My dad has always been there for me whenever I needed him. He loves me so much and calls me just to let me know that he is thinking about me. My dad is such a great grandpa to Blake and will be to his future grandchildren. My dad has always worked hard for his family and his family is his first priority. I am so grateful for him and my mom helping my little family out whenever we need help. He is such an example and friend to everyone he knows. I love you so much Dad and can't wait to be able to move to Logan in a month and be able to see you everyday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What Is That Face????

The past couple of weeks Ryan and I have noticed that Blake has started to pull this hillarious face. He scrunches up his nose and sticks out his lips and then huffs in and out. It happens all the time. It was so funny so we started to take pictures of him and he actually started to pose for the camera with this face. I don't know if it is phase but it sure is funny . Here are a few faces that Blake has pulled lately.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Blake's First Halloween!!

So I am going to combine a few posts here since I am behind and write about trunk or treat and Halloween. Last Wednesday we did trunk or treat with our ward and it was so much fun. Blake dressed up as a monkey and he was so stinkin cute. We went with our friends Colter and Chris and their little 1 month old who dressed as a skeleton. He was so adorable. When we got to the church we saw some of our friends Brian and Julie Noorda and they had their little girl dressed as a monkey also. I got the brilliant idea to get some pictures of the two together. They were so cute. Here are some pictures of the two of them together. Tayla is about 2 months younger than Blake.

My mom, grandma and sister came down the weekend before Halloween and got to see Blake in his costume. Here are some pictures of Jill with Blake.

For Halloween Ryan, Blake and I were able to go to Hawthorne to spend time with his family and go trick or treating. It was so much fun to see them and Brandon had a blast trick or treating with Blake.

Halloween day we were able to carve a bunch of pumpkins that they had grown in their garden. They turned out really good. I made one that said West '08 and another that said Blake. It was so much fun.

Then it was time for trick or treating. In Hawthorne, trick or treating is only from 6 to 8 o'clock. We walked for a full two hours. For the most part I held Blake and went up to the doors with him. After awhile my arms were killing me and I had to put him in the stroller. It was so much fun and everyone loved Blake.

The next day was so windy in Hawthorne. Brandon took his tent outside and we played in it for a while and got some cute pictures of Blake in the tent.

Here is one more picture that we got before we left to come home.

We had so much fun this past weekend and Blake had a great Halloween. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!