Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Summer Vacation

So it has been a while since I have been on here but we have been visiting family for the past couple weeks. It is so nice to see our families and get away from Vegas.

We started out going to Hawthorne on Thursday Night to be with Ryan's Family. It was so good to be able to stay more than just a day or two. We were able to stay there until Tuesday. This was Blakes first trip to Hawthorne and he loved seeing his Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Nicole and Uncle Brandon. I don't think he was ever not being played with. On Friday we went and watched Brandon's swim lesson. He swims the butterfly better than me for sure. On Saturday Ryan took his sister Nicole to Reno to watch a baseball game and didn't get home until about midnight. I was able to play games with his mom and Brandon all night. It was so much fun. On Sunday we went to church and just got to relax with the family. On Monday we took Blake swimming and the community pool. It was a little colder than he was used to but he did really well. We had such a great weekend there and loved being with the family.

So after our trip to Hawthorne we traveled down to Southern California to my grandma's house to meet my mom and dad. They were down there to help my grandma clean out her house because she is going to be moving to Logan. It was nice for my Grandma to be able to see Blake. And of course my Mom and Dad loved seeing him too. It was a long week but it was fun finding cool little things in the house from past generations.

I am so grateful for our families and how much they love and support the three of us. We could not do it without every single one of them. They are such an amazing support to us and we could not ask for two better families. Thank you!!. We love all of you!!