Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Week!!

For Christmas this year we are in Hawthorne, Nevada. It was great to have the whole family here except for David who is on a mission. We left Vegas on Wednesday afternoon after finishing loading the trailer and truck. When we got to Hawthorne we were so tired. That Friday, Jared, Lacey, Matt, Angie and Dallin all arrived. On Saturday we decided to go out in the desert and shoot some guns which I have only done once in my life. Lacey owns two of her own and brought them with some bullets and skeet to shoot. We had a lot of fun and though I only shot the gun once because my shoulder hurt when I did shoot it, it was a lot of fun to watch everyone else. Here are some pictures of everyone that went.
HeatherJaredLacey (who is 7 months pregnant)
MattAngie (who is 5 months pregnant)Ryan's dadBrandon
The next few days we just hung out and relaxed. It was good to not have to worry about anything while we were here. We did some crafts, played some games, and played basketball.
Christmas Eve was wonderful and it was fun to do the traditions of Ryan's family. We had home made pizza for dinner. Then we acted out the nativity story. After we sat in a circle and everyone said something nice about everyone else in the circle. This took about two hours since we had10 people. We then opened one gift each from a sibling and then headed off to bed.
On Christmas Blake woke up about 7:15 so we got up, fed and changed him and then woke everyone else up.
We had a great Christmas day and got lots of great gifts. That night we had a wonderful dinner consisting of ham, potato cassarole, rolls, peas, and jello. The only bad thing was that I was feeling sick and couldn't eat any of it. Other than that it was a wonderful day. Here are some pictures of Blake looking at what Santa gave him.
For Christmas Ryan's mom got Blake and Dallin who is Blake's cousin some matching outfits. They are so cute. Dallin is almost exactly 9 months older than Blake. Also that night we put them in the tub together. It was so cute to see... Here are the pics.

Thanks for reading!!! Christmas Week part 2 will come tomorrow!!!! Be sure to read!!!!


BrittWilk said...

super cute christmas pics! i love tub shots!

and congrats to your hubby for graduating! that's awesome!