Friday, July 31, 2009

My Husband the Student Doctor!!

So we are all setteled here in Colorado with almost everything unpacked. We are loving the area and the weather and pretty much everything else around us. Behind our building are a bunch of trails that you can go hiking on and they have wildlife around and it is beautiful. Also my favorite part was when I was walking the trail with Blake the other day and after fifteen minutes I ended up in front of Target. Could a girl ask for anything more?? I think not!!!

This past week Ryan has been going to orientation for school and has been learning more about what the next four years are going to be like. He starts school officially on Monday and has a quiz on the very first day with a case study also due. Now here is my question. CAN YOU SERIOUSLY HAVE HOMEWORK AND A TEST THE VERY FIRST DAY OF CLASS WHEN YOU HAVE NEVER BEEN THERE BEFORE???? Apparently you can!!!!

Today was a very exciting day for both of us. This morning was the White Coat Ceremony where they give all the students their white coats and they take an oath and officially become student doctors. They do this to show the students that they respect them as peers and to let the students feel that they are already making a difference which I definately agree that they are. This ceremony was pretty big and it was really awesome to see Ryan go up there and introduce himself as a student doctor. In the video it is really hard to hear him because I was in back but when he goes to the microphone he says, ''Hi, I am Student Doctor and Second Lieutenent in the Air Force, Ryan West from Hawthorne, NV." After he introduced himself the professors coated the students to show that they are their peers.

I thought it was pretty awesome.
As soon as Ryan went up to introduce himself I started bawling like a little baby. Just a little emotional these days. All I could think about is the next four years and how hard it would be but on the other hand what a wonderful experience it will be. I know that it will take getting used to but I know what a hard worker Ryan is and he is fully capable. Me on the other hand....I have already made a few friends that are in the same situation thatI am and I will be able to hang out with. I am excited to get involved in the community and to figure this place out.

I am so excited for this chapter in our lives and I know that our relationship will grow more and more throughout this process. It will be hard but I know that this is the right thing for us to be doing right now. I love my husband so much and am so grateful that he is following his dreams and wants to give his family the best life he can give us. He is so strong and is my best friend. He is such a wonderful father and I am so lucky to have him.


The Rigbys said...

What a great news! I wish you the best in this exciting new adventure!

lacie tidwell said...

awwwww- congrats! that is a big deal- the white coat ceremony! congratualtions and best of luck these next four years!

Matt & Jen Hanks said...

Wow! That really is so exciting!! Congrats to you both!

Amber said...

Congrats on getting settled and starting a new chapter in your lives. Good Luck!

The Dell Family said...

YEAH!!!! I totally remember Jon's white coat ceremony. It was an emotional day for me too. Hey all I have to say is it flies by sooooooooo fast. I can't believe Jon is a 4th year and I know for us it's going to fly by fast. My advise to you. Enjoy the Journey & learn from it. There will be hard days, but you both & your kids will be better people for it. Good Luck to a great year ahead :)