Monday, November 8, 2010

Halloween 2010

This year for Halloween my two little monkeys decided to just act like themselves and be monkeys. We found an awesome Curious George costume on e-bay for Blake and Carter wore a little monkey outfit that we had from Blakes first Halloween.

On Friday we went to a school carnival that our friends sister worked at and played some fun games there. On Saturday we got up and headed over to Ryan's school to their Halloween festivities and played even more games and got some candy for the boys. Then that night our ward had a trunk or treat at the church. That is where the boys loaded up on candy. It was a bit chilly that night so Carter played it safe wrapped up in the stroller and Blake loved running around getting candy. Blake actually said "trick or treat" this year. It is so fun watching them grow up and get more excited about the holidays!!
This year I was a cowgirl and Ryan said he was a stressed out medical student. Ha ha!!

Happy Halloween!!