Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Baby Sister Is Married!!

This past four weeks have been crazy busy. Blake and I left for Utah on Aug. 27 to go to Jill's bridal shower in Logan. That whole next week was spent getting ready for the wedding and making sure that everything was taken care of. On Saturday the 29 was the bridal shower in the afternoon which was really fun. That night Jill went through the temple and it was such a wonderful night that I know she will never forget.

The next Saturday the 5th was the magical day. Jill looked beautiful and Doran didn't look too bad himself. They make a beautiful couple. It was such a beautiful day and everything went perfectly. It was so emotional to me to see my baby sister getting married but I know that they were made for each other. After the wedding we had a luncheon at the church and then headed off to Noah's for the reception. The reception hall was beautiful and everything went very well. At the reception they had a room with the BYU vs. Oklaholma game which the men loved. It was a great night and Jill and Doran were so happy.
The next week was the reception in Vegas as was also so nice. The reception was gorgeous and Jill and Doran were still beaming from the wedding. It was such a nice day and I don't think they will ever forget.
I was so happy that I was able to be there considering our move to Colorado just a few weeks before. It was hard being away from Ryan for 2 1/2 weeks but I was very happy that he was able to fly in for the wedding and stay for 2 days. I am so happy for Jill and Doran and wish the best of luck on their new life together. I love you guys so much!!!! Here are a few pictures of the wedding day!!


Mandy said...

What happened to the little Jill I used to know? She is so grown up and beautiful!

lacie tidwell said...

Awwww! what a beautiful day- and a beautiful couple! congrats Jill! (When did she grow up? I feel old now!lol!)