Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Blake's Shoes

So I have to confess that I love baby shoes. Every time I walk into a store I have to look at them and Ryan has to pull me away from them. Luckily for my baby shower I recieved a lot of shoes for Blake which was so fun for me. I decided to take a picture of all of the shoes that he has. I had to take some close-ups so you could see them better. Oh and if you are wondering why he has a pair of ballet shoes it is because when I first got pregnant, my mom went and got a boys outfit with shoes and a girls outfit with shoes. Those are the pink ballet shoes that she got so technically they are still his shoes. Don't worry though. As you can see they are still on the package and have never been used. So here are the close-ups.

So in conclusion, Blake has more shoes than Ryan and I combined. What can you say? They are so much cuter when they are smaller. It's the same thing with clothes. Don't you ever see an outfit for a baby and wish they made it in your size? They are so cute. Anyway Blake definately is not going to be without shoes EVER!!!!