Saturday, August 16, 2008

Happiest Birthday Ever!!

Okay so I know that this is kind of late but I wanted to thank my husband for everything he did for me on my birthday. I had a great day with Ryan and Blake. In the morning, Ryan woke me up with breakfast which was awesome. He bought a banner and balloons that hung over our table. It was so fun to wake up to that. I felt like a little kid again. After breakfast I had to leave to go coach diving for a few hours. When I got home Ryan gave me my present and it was exactly what I asked for. A hair straightener. YAY. After that Blake went down for a nap. YAY NAP!! When he went down, Ryan and I laid on the couch and watched the Olympics and I fell asleep. The sun here takes everything out of me. Oh and Blake might help with wearing me out. Anyway, I woke up and Ryan made us a little picnic for lunch that we had in our front room because it was way to hot outside.

After the picnic I started to get ready for the night. We had planned to go over to one of our friends house for dinner and Ryan and his friend would make dinner for me. So on the way over to his house Ryan without telling me decided to take a little detour. I was so confused but he took me to someone's house I didn't know. He knocked on the door and a little Chinese women answered and told me to come in. UM WHAT! I looked at Ryan like he was crazy. Ryan looked back at me and said he would be back in a hour. OK REALLY FREAKED OUT NOW! SO the little lady told me to follow her and went up stairs. Ok. I followed her and she took me into a room with a couple of tables. The lady looked at me and in very broken English said "Take your clothes off and lay down." WHAT!!. I love my husband. He arranged for me to get a massage. Exactly what I have been needing. The next hour of my life was so wonderfully Painful. That little lady was brutal. She was popping things in my body I didn't know could be popped. Some things hurt so bad but when she was done I felt like jello. It was amazing. That was the quickest hour of my life. It was wonderful.
So when I was done with the massage Ryan came and picked me up and really took me over to our friends house. The were finishing up dinner and so I read my book ( the twighlight series) Holy cow. such a good book. I am hooked on it. For dinner Ryan made chicken, twice baked potatoes, corn, salad, shirley temples and a cake for dessert. It was sooooo good. After dinner we hung out for a while and then went home. We watched the Olympics until midnight and then went to bed. It was a wonderful day. Ryan didn't let me change one diaper all day and if Blake ever got fussy Ryan would take him from me unless I had to feed him. I love my husband so much and he is so amazing. He is the sweetest man and treats me like a princess. He is such a good father and I love watching him with Blake. Thank you all again for the birthday wishes. I love you all.


Lara said...

I am so glad you had an awesome birthday! Great Job, Ryan!! I love your hair, it looks great!

Angela said...

Aaahhhh, what a nice guy. It sounds like you had a wonderful birthday and that Ryan took really good care of you...good for him. Happy late birthday.