Saturday, August 30, 2008

Blake, Blu and a new tooth!!

Last weekend Ryan, Blake and I went to house sit while some of our friends went out of town. They have a Great Dane and we stayed at their house from Thursday to Tuesday. We had a lot of fun and Blake loved Blu. When we first got there I was worried about Blake and how he would be around Blu but Blake loved him. This is the sweetest and most gentle dog. When Blake would be laying on the ground, Blu would walk over, sniff Blakes head and lay down next to him to go to sleep. Never once did Blu lick or even touch Blake. I was so impressed. When Blu would come close to Blake, Blake would start laughing and try to grab his nose. He never took his eye off Blu and would watch him all day. Considering the size of Blu I was very impressed at how well behaved he was around a baby!

On August 22, Blake got his first tooth. He has been teething for a long time and I am so happy he has some relief. He has now started on his next tooth thought so the relief didn't last for long. I havn't been able to get pictures of the tooth yet but as soon as I can I will put them up. For a little treat for Blake and his tooth we decided to give Blake an otter pop to suck on. He loved it and ate a whole one all by himself. We cut a little hole in the corner and he just sucked on it until it melted and he could eat it. It was so cute.

Blake is also loving his food. He loves the pears, peaches and pretty much any fruit we can give him. He likes the veggies that are orange like sweet potatoes and carrots but is not very fond of the green veggies like green beans and peas.
And last but not least Blake has been sleeping so much better at night giving me about 8 hours of sleep myself which is amazing. He still sleeps with his feet in the fetal position which makes me keep thinking that he is still my little baby. Truth is though, he is growing so fast and is starting to get up on his hands and knees to crawl. He will be 7 months next week and I don't know where the time has gone. All I know is that I love being a mom and I love my husband for supporting me in everything I do. Thank for reading. More updates and pictures to come.


Lara said...

I can't wait to see little Blake again! (you too, of course) He is getting so big so fast. Blu is the kind of dog I would like to get. I just need to talk Mark into it. Landon is still working on his molars, I am hoping they come in soon so he can have some relief. Have a great Labor Day!

Janssen said...

I think he totally has the Orme look. What a cute little guy!