Monday, October 20, 2008

Cold Applesauce!!

So Blake loves his fruit and especially applesauce. This morning I fed him some bananas and he was still hungry so I decided to grab the applesauce that was in the fridge. Usually we warm it up a little so it is not so cold but he was screaming in baby words "NOW MOMMY, NOW!! I'M STILL HUNGRY!!" Ok Ok, so when I gave him the applesauce and put it in his mouth he kept making this adorable "this is to cold" face. I just had to get it on camera.

Ok I know everyone did this as a child... Blake: Mom do you like seafood? Me: Ewww gross no way. Blake: Well I do.... SEE FOOD :) Me: You are too cute!!!

Here is a few pictures of Blake getting ready for the winter in Hawthorne and Logan. He has never really experienced cold:)

Here is a new game we are going to play. I want everyone that sees this to play if you can. It' s called the caption game. Whan do you think that Blake is thinking in this picture? I'm thinking like "I really wish I knew where I put my last crunchy star....Sigh."


Lara said...

"This?...Oh, I am saving it for later!"

The Thought That Counts said...

"I love my Grandma, I can't wait until she gets here. . ."