Sunday, October 12, 2008

Through the exer-saucer!!!

So the other day I was watching T.V. and when I looked down I saw that Blake had crawled into his saucer toy to try to get a piece of food. I was amazed that he actually got into it and then proceeded to watch him crawl out the other side. Don't worry I got it all documented in pictures which now you can all witness for yourselves. Also for the past couple months Blake has only worn onesies to bed because it is so hot here. This same night it was pretty cold outside so I decided that Blake could actually were real pajamas. I think these pajamas are adorable personally but you be the judge. Anyway here is Blake's journey through the exersaucer. Enjoy!!

Here is a cute after bath picture also.


Lara said...

Yup, adorable like always! I was kind of sad that we didn't get to spend too much time with him last night. Thanks again for having us over, it was a lot of fun and good food too! :)

Jared and Lacey West said...

He's so stinkin cute Heather!

Julie Noorda said...

I love babies in their jammies! Bryan wishes Tayla could wear hers all day cuz she is so cute in them. Blake is SO SO cute in his!