Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A day at the Park!!

Every Wednesday morning the women in my ward have a play day at the park for all of their children. Blake and I have never gone before because it is always during his nap time. Today however Blake had slept in and we had some time to kill before his first nap so I decided we should go and play.

We had so much fun at the park and Blake loved playing with the other kids. Blake is not to fond of the grass and gets a super cute funny face when i put him on to it. On the other hand when he gets over the shock of the prickly feeling he is so mesmorized by it and loves to pull it out.
We also went on the swings for the first time and he was almost falling asleep in my lap because he is used to his swing at home and how relaxing it is.

We had a great morning and in the five minutes it took to drive home Blake had fallen asleep in his carseat. He is now napping peacefully and hopefully he will take an extra long nap so I can clean the house. Here are some pictures from this morning. If you double click on some of them you can see his bottom teeth.


Amber said...

He is getting so big! I got your blog from my grandma hope that is ok! You guys are such a cute family! One day maybe we can see eachother again.

Heather West said...

Hey cuz, how's it going? I tried to add your blog, but I got denied, I think you should invite us:) How are you guys doing?

The Crazy Lady said...

He is adorable! He looks just like a little west! And we're jealous of all his hair!

Damien Stepick said...

I like the second to last pic... he's just laying in the car looking like he's been in the Vegas heat all day!!!

I still cannot believe you have a kid!!!

Karalee said...

You are so cute! That little boy is precious.

Lindzie said...

Hey your little boy is so cute! Glad I found your blog. Let me know if you want to join my list of readers. Had to make my blog private.