Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Our little Fish!

Today Blake and I went swimming for the first time. Our friends Tori and Kalob called and asked if we wanted to and I decided that it was about time to introduce Blake to the water. Now normally he loves his baths so I didn't think this would be a problem. And guess what? I was......right. Blake loved the water. He did so good and was so happy. The water felt so good in the hot hot sun.

Blake and Kalob. Pre swim

They were so cute together. Blake is almost 5 months and Kalob is 7 1/2 months.

On the way to the pool. Chillin in the stroller.

This video is Blakes first time going into the water. He did so good. He was a little confused at first but didn't mind the cool water at all. What a stud!

Blake had so much fun in the water. He was a natural. I put him on his back and he just stuck his thumb in his mouth and relaxed. He definately takes after his mom in the water.

This video is when I dunked Blake under water. I did this about five times and he didn't get mad at all. He would come up and blink a few times and then start blowing spit bubbles while the water ran out of his mouth. It was so cute to watch.

Blake did so well and it was fun to swim with him. We are definately going to do it more often.

I knew it was time to get out when Blake starteed to shiver and his lips were turning blue. We swam for about 45 minutes and he didn't fuss once until I took him out. He loved being wrapped up in a warm towel and cuddling with mommy after our swim.

My little fishy!

We had so much fun together. I love my Blakey so much.

Blake didn't want to go back home. This is him telling me that he wanted to keep swimming. We will definately have to swim a lot this summer because of the heat. It's a good thing that Blake likes the water. See ya next time.


Lara said...

Oh! I am jealous! I would have loved to see him swim around! I can't believe he did so well getting his head dunked! What a trooper. We need to go swim sometime - just give me a jingle!!

Kelly Shoroye said...

Hey Heather.
It's Kelly Shoroye, Alyson told me you have a blog. Blake is so cute. My family also has a little blog, ebishoroye.blogspot.com How is your family doing, Oh how I miss your parents. Anywayz, Shout a holler!
Love, Kelly

Sarah Orme said...

HEATHER!!! Im a little upset at you. You are killing me at this blog thing. Ive had my blog for a year now and how am I supposed to compete with this? Ugh... really though it was sooo cute. I guess a video of Michael wouldnt be so cute. You win.

Sarah Orme said...
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Tori said...

Thanks for coming with us and sharing Blakes first time with us. Kaleb and Blake are so cute together. I also wanted to make sure you found my blog, its http://mattandtorijohnson.blogspot.com/. see ya soon!

David & Sammy said...

Heather! I cannot believe how much your little boy looks like you. He is SOO cute.
Click on my name and you'll find our blog. Glad to have found you!

OurFamilyandMuchMore said...

Darling I saw some pictures on Tori's blog too. It looks like you guys had a lot of fun:)

Mandi said...

Very cute.. I bet that was a lot of fun to take him swimming.He is getting so big. I am glad you went with Tori. How fun...