Monday, June 30, 2008

Rice Cereal, Eeyore and Blankie: The new loves of Blakes life.

This past week has gone by so fast. Blake has found a new little toy that he loves to hold and sleep with. It is the cutest little thing to see. One day when Blake was being fussy Ryan picked this stuffed Eeyore animal up and gave it to Blake and from that day on Blake has loved holding and cuddling with it. Also he has started to always want his little blue silk blankie when he goes to sleep. He pulls it up by his face and sucks his thumb until he falls asleep. I love him so much and think it is the cutest little thing ever.

He is starting to learn to do different things everyday. It is so exicting to watch him grow and learn. He is the happiest little boy. Last week he learned to roll over onto his tummy. When he finally managed to achieve this he looked surprised and then started to cry because he couldn't move.

He melts my heart everytime he smiles or laughs at me. It amazes me that he already knows who I am and when he sees me he gets all excited and kicks his legs with excitement. I never imagined life could be this wonderful. He is such a happy little boy.

This past weekend Blake's Aunt Lacey and Uncle Jared came to visit. We had so much fun with them and are so grateful for them in our lives. They are so good with Blake and we love them so much.

We have just started to feed Blake some rice ceareal. He had already decided that he didn't like it before we gave it to him. Needless to say as soon as it went in the mouth it came rushing back out. In the picture it looks like he was having a good time but the picture was taken after I had given up and he stole the spoon from me.

The dreaded spoon- need I say more? I think not!

So I had to take a video of all of this because it was so funny to watch him eat. Blake would save all the cereal in his mouth until it got to full and then in one long blow it would all come pouring out. It was so funny and he knew it. I think more cereal came out than he actually ate.

Well, that's all for now. Thanks for watching.


Lara said...

You know what, Blake will get better at the whole rice cereal eating bit. He just needs to get use to it - he is adorable, and I love the "Spit Happens" bib!

Nanette Gamble said...

Your new background is so cute. Isn't it so fun being a mom and watching them as they learn and grow? It is so neat when they start to recognize who they are. Babies usually spit out all new foods, because they aren't used to it... but soon he should be loving it!