Friday, September 12, 2008

First Official Haircut!!

Tonight Ryan gave Blake his first official haircut. We have tried a few times in the past and have only gotten a few snips but we decided that it was about time for a real one. Blake's hair was out of control. Here are the before shots.

This is the video of the process. Blake did so well and sat so still. I had to put the camera down and stop taping though to help distract him.

And here are the after shots. He was so good and he looks so handsome. I am so glad that Ryan can cut his own hair as well as Blake's. It will definately save us some money. And thanks to Ryan's mom for cutting his hair his whole life so that Ryan would know how to cut his son's.

And these are for your viewing pleasure. Last weekend we went to Jared and Lacey's house and we made some beanies. This is the first one that I made for Blake.
Here he is trying to crawl. He is so close and will have it down any day now. He can get up on hands and knees but doesn't have the coordination yet to actually go forward.
And last but not least, here he is eating pureed spagetti and meatballs. Yummy!!Thanks for reading. Sorry about all the pictures. They are just too cute to pass up.


Angela said...

Don't ever apologiize for too many pictures...just for not enough. Heather, he couldn't be any cuter. What a doll!!! I LOVE the new haircut - so handsome. Keep those pictures coming!!

BrittWilk said...

yeah!! i'm so glad you're blogging too! blake is too stinking cute! :)