Sunday, September 21, 2008

Football has started and Blake doesn't know who to vote for!!!

So Football season has started and we love it. There is only one problem. Blake has too many teams to choose from. My family is hard core BYU football fans. Ryan's family is hard core U of U fans. And Ryan and I have both gone to college at UNLV and they are actually winning this year so we are UNLV fans. This is some cause of major controversy at Thanksgiving times when U of U plays BYU. I don't know if I should honor my family or my husband. So here are some pictures of Blake sporting the teams. Leave a comment on what team he should root for this year.



This could cause some serious dilemma in our house. Let me know what you think. Blake is going to be one confused little football fan :)


Julie Noorda said...

What a cutie!! I vote that he becomes a BYU fan. : ) Go Cougars!! Or, wait to see which team does the best this year and then decide : ) He is cute in all his outfits either way.

Melissa said...

He looks the happiest in UNLV attire. :) UNLV GO REBELS!!!

Angela said...

B Y U...B Y U...B Y U...Go Cougars!!!

tjorme said...

It seems like BYU is the only choice here!! BYU wins again over U of U:)