Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What Is That Face????

The past couple of weeks Ryan and I have noticed that Blake has started to pull this hillarious face. He scrunches up his nose and sticks out his lips and then huffs in and out. It happens all the time. It was so funny so we started to take pictures of him and he actually started to pose for the camera with this face. I don't know if it is phase but it sure is funny . Here are a few faces that Blake has pulled lately.


The Thought That Counts said...

I love that face:)

Carolyn and Mark said...

That is just to funny. That was my laugh for the day, he is such a cutie, I love it.

Angela said...

That is so cute. Good job capturing it on film. These are the pictures that we're grateful for later...when they stop doing that cute little face. He is such a doll.