Friday, November 21, 2008

Things About Me!!

I saw this on my sister-in-law's blog and thought it looked like fun. This is what you do. Go to google and type in the subject of the question in the image section, choose you favorite picture. It can be random or not just don't explain yourself afterward.

1.Where I was born 2.Where I want to live (at least for the next 4 years)

3.My first real job

4.Where I live now

5.A bad habit of mine

6.Favorite Food

7.My maiden name (The Great Orme)

8.My Grandmother's names

9.My college experience

10.My nickname from my husband

11.Something that makes me happy these days

12.My age

13.My name

14.Hubby's name

15.Kids name


The Foote Family said...

Heather! I am so happy I found you in the blogging world. Congrats on your cute little family! I just realized that we probably live in the same Stake. We know Bryan and Julie Noorda too. Cute blog posts.
I hope your ok that I am adding you to our blog list!